Large Bathhouse

Public Bath

The hot spring baths, using Togol medicine stone, relieve daily fatigue, stiff muscles, joint pain, edema, etc., and warm the body from the core to promote blood circulation.
The bath amenities are fully equipped with the latest series of DHC products derived from green olives, which are gentle on the skin. In addition, the women’s bathrooms are equipped with a skincare set that includes cleansing foam, face wash, lotion, and milky lotion.

Operating hours: 15:00〜24:00 / 6:00〜9:00

Chemical structure of Togol ore:

Silica, Titanium dioxide, Alumina Ferric oxide, Calcium oxide, Magnesium oxide, Sodium oxide, Potassium oxide, Barium oxide, Sulfur trioxide, Phosphoric anhydride, Manganese oxide, etc.

Analysis results of elution water:

[Cation] Potassium ion, Sodium ion, Calcium ion, Magnesium ion, Iron ion, Aluminum ion
[Anion] Chloride ion, Sulfate ion, Heavy Carbon ion, Phosphate ion, Silica, etc.

There is also an open-air bath in the men’s bathhouse.
Please take a rest after a long day of business travel.

Reservations by phone 【Available 24/7】


1-64-36, Hiraizumi-higashi, Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture 314-0145, Japan
Map code: 92 826 716*00

For those using a car
About 10 minutes from the Shiozo IC on the Higashi Kanto Expressway.
(There are 145 flat parking spaces available.)
We also have a parking lot for large buses and other large vehicles.
Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or reservations.
Please feel free to contact us.

By bus
Approximately 90 minutes from Yaesu South Exit of Tokyo Station. 4 minutes walk from Kajima Central Hotel.
Take the Haneda Airport Express Bus No. 11 and get off at Kashima Central Hotel (110 minutes).